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Ross A. Campbell
Motivational Humourist, Advertising Executive, Business Coach, and Author

 A highly successful entrepreneur, and President of his own advertising agency, Ross is passionate about sharing his key principles for success. Through tales of his experiences, good and bad, and his wonderful humour, he entertains, informs, and motivates his audiences to reach their full potential.  

Married for forty-five years to Sylvia, and father to two grown sons, he embraces family life and has learned to balance it all.

A man who lives life to the fullest, he advocates “being a lighthouse to others”. He can shine his light, through his words, and his experiences to show you the pathway to great success.  His advertising career spans four decades, as a Broadcaster, Advertising Sales Rep and founder of Campbell & Company Marketing Communications Inc.  Ross is the author of; On Advertising that Works! - The 7 Key Principles that make it work – every time!



Some Favourite Keynote/Workshop Topics:


Why Most Advertising Sucks – And How to Make Yours Work

Ross Campbell, Author of “On Advertising That Works”, tells it like it is. Hear about the advertising disasters and learn how to create advertising that pulls more customers and generates higher profits for less money. This workshop is excellent for retailers, manufacturers of consumer products, and marketing professionals.

Plan to Win!

From Vision to Achievement, the same 7 Principles that guarantee success in advertising, are the fundamentals everyone needs to reach their most lofty and noble goals. Discover how to apply the 7 Principles in your life.

Package Yourself for Success

Everything you say and do will reflect your personal brand. This presentation illustrates how to create the whole package. Identify how to position yourself in the market, create the brand you want to be.



Ross brings his wonderful energy and humour to his audiences with a message that is informative and entertaining. He motivates people to take action immediately to improve their personal and professional lives, achieving more than they ever thought possible. – Judy Suke, President Triangle Seminars    (905) 631-7117