Triangle Seminars

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J. Justin O’Donnell, BA, MSEd, MLS

Professional Speaker

Justin is a speaker with diverse interests and speaks on a wide range of topics.  You will find his subjects relevant to today’s society.  They are thought provoking, educational, informative and empowering.  He is both entertaining, and inspiring.




Justin’s Topics Include:

  •  Interview SkillsGetting that First Job:  This workshop gives information on how to survive job interviews, specifically what to do before, during and after the job interview in order to get the job.


  • Public Relations:  Participants learn how to apply PR to their business and careers. There are tips on how to use PR to set them apart for the competition; how to write a press brief, how to be interviewed on camera.  Participants learn to communicate succinctly in public – straight and to the point.      


  • Space Travel & Exploration:  Informative and entertaining, this workshop, on the controversial Mars One Project, creates awareness and awakens the interest and imagination of the audience to possibilities.  Learn about current events in space and develop a passionate interest in space travel.


  • Democratic Reform:  Participants develop a better understanding of Proportional Representation, Electoral and Democratic reform, and how such reforms make democracy more efficient.


  • Alternative Businesses: This presentations on alternative business opportunities, will educate the consumer on the number of business opportunities that are available in today’s economy.


J. Justin O’Donnell is a professional librarian, entrepreneur and Advanced Toastmaster.  He holds an Honours degree with a double major in History and Political Science, and advanced degrees in both Education and Library Science.   His interests include astronomy, business etiquette, public relations, and political policy.

An active volunteer for the past 20 years, Justin developed a special interest in Public Relations and served as past Public Relations Officer for District 86 Toastmasters, and presently serves as Public Relations Director for the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.  He has also undergone extensive Public Affairs training with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Justin O’Donnell         Phone: 905-892-2374       email: